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This is my personal page, Yolanda D. White. No doubt, I am motley. I feel as though work is fun. I search to find that something. There is no place like home, of course. It is possible to be at home, at work. It is possible to have a career that allows you to fully take care of Home, spend time at Home and still be involved in creating and contributing to this volatile economy, as is described these days. I believe, we have to trust — still — that this is a ripe economy, just the right economy to transcend people from the bellows of poverty, powerlessness, despair and hopelessness to a place of thriving, lifelong learning and hope. We must cling to hope and frost it with action.

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What bleeds, does not have to lead!

A Thousand Words
Many of the pictures here (years 2000 to 2010) while I was working, writing or covering an event, when clicked on will tak you to the stories behind them. Enjoy!

Yolanda and Mr. Witherspoon Yung Joc Trina
Yolanda Chewing Cutely Billy Blanks and Company TI
Faith and Yolanda Billy Tuffy
Kilo LilMagic IceMoneandCompany
Yolanda and Ice Sculpture Tina Chang and Me
Thrilled by TrillvilleMarvin Pratt and YolandaNyla - American Girl Cafe
Lil Flip and Me
Bailey Coleman and Me
An Intense Victor Barnett and Yolanda

TJ Ford and Me?
Katt Money Mike Williams?
Too Short and Yolanda
Serious Yolanda
Double R and Yolanda?
Khasim and Yolanda?
Standing Tall Yolanda?
Too Much for Nunyez Falling for a New Jack Hard Rock Yolanda Yolanda and Extremely Funny Man
Yolanda And Nyla
Lil Stevie and Yolanda?
More Fat Killas and Me Yolanda And Fat Killas And King Gordy
New Mexican Yolanda Secret Garden Yolanda?
Stunned Yolanda Polished Shelly Fabares?
Leon Draping
Carole Meekins and Yolanda


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